Products - The Enhanced Fat Trap ®

INCORPORATING Liquid Absorbent Powder
Cut out the mess of Fats, Oils and Grease in your sinks and blocking your drains
"The convenience of the FAT-TRAP® with the power of LAP" The Enhanced Fat TrapThe Fat Trap® holds 500ml, will sit neatly on the work top beside the cooker and will take the waste fat, oil and grease and gravy etc from every day frying, roasting and cooking. The Fat Trap® has a ¾ screw cap for easy opening and sealing and the internal funnel will encourage slow pouring for less spillage and considerably Less Mess!
The Enhanced Fat TrapNow with the addition of Absorbent Powder supplied in the form of a “teabag” the Fat Trap® is even more clean and efficient. LAP will absorb the oil and other greases poured into the Fat Trap® enabling the waste to be easily and safely disposed of in bin or compost heap. LAP is safe and easy to use and will not harm animals or plants. It is a natural mineral with extraordinary powers of absorbency and is compost and land-fill friendly.
Pouring fat into the Fat Trap
  • No more Blocked Drains
  • No More Maintenance callouts
  • No more spillages
  • Light and easy to use
  • Seals the waste away
  • A Safer Cleaner Kitchen environment
  • Long Term Environmental advantages
  • Fat-Trap® is recommended by Water and Septic tank companies
  • Cleverly developed
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